5 tips to prepare for a snowstorm

Icy roads, power outages and malfunctioning equipment are just a few issues that extreme cold brings. Snowstorms can occur within a few hours of a warning and can be dangerous if you are not fully prepared. Make sure you have a plan and use our top 5 tips as a checklist for prepping your house for a possible snowstorm!

  1. Make an emergency kit for 3 days of self-sufficiency. This would include gallons of water (usually 3 gallons to a person), easy to prepare food such as tuna kits, peanut butter and bread, protein bars, etc., blankets, toilet paper and anything else you may need for 3 days of no power.
  2. Have multiple flashlights ready to go in case of a snowstorm. Invest in batteries as well as flashlights that have a crank and don’t require batteries.  Candles are always a good standby as well. Have at least 4 blankets in the home in case there is no heat in the house and dress in warm layers to trap body heat.
  3. Have a communication plan ready. It’s easy to lose track of family or friends in the event of bad weather. Have a communication plan with family or friends especially elderly and children. Make sure your communication devices are fully charged as well as a backup method to charge them such as a power battery bank so you can stay connected and find a possible meet up location.
  4. Know how to shut off water mains. A problem many homeowners face during a snowstorm is bursting pipes. Knowing how to shut off your main water valve is essential to prevent any damage to your home.  Here is an easy guide that shows you how to turn off specific valves and how to shut off the main valve.
  5. Get a back-up heating source. While this may be slightly expensive, investing in a generator is always a good choice especially if you are living in an area that gets more than average snowfall or if you are living outside of city limits. But power outages can occur anywhere so be prepared with a generator.  Most generators can power lights in a few rooms as well as a refrigerator and microwave so you’re not feeling completely helpless in a snowstorm.

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