Don’t be an energy vampire!

This October, keep ghosts and goblins at bay while saving energy and money with these home energy efficiency tricks.

  1. Watch out for phantom loads haunting your energy bill this year. Also called energy vampires, phantom loads refer to the energy that appliances draw when they are in standby mode, and they cost the average U.S. household $100 per year. Make phantom loads disappear by unplugging electronics and battery chargers when not in use, and be sure to explore other home electronic energy-saving tips.
  2. Ward off vampires with energy-efficiency light bulbs. No need to fill your house with garlic to keep vampires at bay. Fend off these ancient creatures while saving money on lighting costs with energy-efficient light bulbs. With traditional incandescent bulbs, about 90 percent of energy used is given off as heat. By replacing 15 inefficient incandescent bulbs with energy-saving lights, you can save about $50 per year — all while repelling vampires. Learn more about lighting choices that will save you money.
  3. Stop unwanted spirits (and chilly drafts) from entering your house by sealing air leaks around windows, doors and air ducts.
  4. Install low-flow faucets to prevent leaks and save water – who knows when you’ll have to protect yourself from a wicked witch?
  5. When not in use, close your chimney flue to stop cold air (and witches) from flying into your house. There is nothing like the crackle of a fire on a cold fall day. But what can provide extra warmth during cooler months can also leave you vulnerable to higher energy bills and witches flying in your house. Keep warm air in your house — and witches out — with proper chimney maintenance. When not in use, be sure to close your chimney flue or use an inflatable stopper to prevent air leaks and temporarily seal the chimney.
  6. Banish goblins and other creatures lurking in the shows with solar outdoor lighting. Easy to install, virtually maintenance free and with no added costs to your electric bill, outdoor solar lighting is popularly used in pathway lighting, wall-mounted lamps, freestanding lamp posts and security lights.

This Halloween, protect yourself from evil spirits waiting to torment you — and rising energy bills — with these energy efficiency tips. After all, saving energy and money is a treat you can enjoy all year long.

What are the key facts?

The typical American family spends at least $2,000 a year on their home energy bills.

Families can save up to 20-30 percent on their energy bills by making energy efficiency upgrades.

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