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Looking for pricing on propane tank repair or installation for your home or business in the Chester County, PA area?

Sheller Propane Tank Installation and Repair for Chester County, PA

Propane tank installation and repair involves the proper setup and maintenance of propane storage tanks, which are commonly used for heating, cooking, hot water, fireplaces, pools, generators and other appliances in residential and commercial settings.

Sheller Propane Offers Tank Installation Services:

  • Site Selection: The first step in installing a propane tank is selecting an appropriate location. The site should comply with state regulations, be accessible for delivery trucks, and maintain proper clearance from buildings, ignition sources, and property lines.
  • Codes and Regulations: Sheller Propane believes compliance with safety codes is crucial to ensure a safe and secure installation. All propane tanks are installed following state codes and regulations.
  • Sizing the Tank: At Sheller Propane we can determine the appropriate tank size based on your propane usage requirements. Factors we consider include the number and type of appliances using propane, estimated consumption, and climate conditions.
  • Tank Placement: The propane tank will be set on a stable, level surface such as a concrete pad or lintels for aboveground tanks. Underground tanks will be buried using screenings and anode to protect from corrosion. We will position the propane tank in a way that allows easy access for maintenance, filling, and safety inspections.
  • Connections: Your Sheller Propane installer will connect the tank to the gas piping system, which involves installing the necessary valves, regulators, and fittings. A pressure test will be conducted to ensure there are no leaks.

Sheller Propane Offers Propane Tank Repair Services:

Propane tank repair should be performed by one of our qualified professionals due to the potentially hazardous nature of propane. Here are some common repair scenarios:

  • Leak Detection and Repair: If you suspect a propane leak, it is crucial to evacuate the area, shut off your tank valve and contact a professional immediately. Call us to conduct a leak test, identify the source of the leak, and perform the necessary repairs, such as replacing faulty valves or fittings.
  • Regulator  Replacement: Over time, regulators s can become worn or damaged. Our propane tank specialist can assess the condition and age of the regulator  and replace them if needed to maintain proper safety and functionality.
  • Pressure Testing: Regular pressure testing is essential to ensure the integrity of your propane lines. Sheller’s qualified technicians will inspect for leaks, check the pressure relief valves, and conduct any necessary repairs to maintain safety.
  • Anode Testing & Replacement: Anodes use cathodic protection to protect your underground tank from corrosion. Your anode should be checked every three years. Sheller Propane can test, and if needed, replace your anode to keep your tank protected. .

Remember, propane tank installation and repair involves potentially hazardous materials and procedures. Sheller Propane service technicians are licensed propane professionals who will ensure proper installation and repair of your propane tank. . We have the expertise to assess the site, handle necessary propane connections, and ensure the installation meets safety standards and your satisfaction as our customer.

Chester County Propane Tank Installation and Repair


Here’s what our happy clients had to say about us:

David Greaves

Best value for your bbq propane tank fill.Sheller fills your tank completely and only 16.00 . Only place for your refills!

Anthony Bisazza

Customer service representatives on the phone where knowledgeable and helpful, the tech that showed up was the same

Marie Elliott

Office staff very friendly and helpful. Workers are great too.

Kevin Ferry

Prices are competitive and deliveries are always on time. What more can you ask for?👍

jon Bauer

Every interaction with the Sheller team has been great. Called them out to help with the propane side of a generator installation for my mom. Glenn Sheller came out to assess the site and made some smart recommendations. I communicated several times with various office staff for scheduling and some special requests. All went as planned and as promised. More importantly to me these days, someone ACTUALLY picks up the phone! That alone has value in a world of endless menu prompts, hold times, and impersonal-call centers.

Howard Mawby

Learning to put bill on door and drive up driveway with out going on the grass

Alan Frazier

I have been very happy with Sheller since leaving my previous supplier.They're the best, I've never had any sort of problem.

Craig Wysocki

Best in the business!!. Friendly and very accommodating.

Parke Regester

Great family run business with very reasonable pricing!

Helen Whiteman

Very easy to work with. The guys were on time and very informative.

Stephen McKinney

Amazing experience from start to finish. Easy to get my quote, set the date, today arrived right on time. They were friendly and knowledgeable. They installed the tankless water heater, removed the old one and left the place better than they found it. Thank you

Ernie Howard

Awesome service, great prices. Debbie and the rest of the team are always there to help. We've been getting gas from Sheller for 15 years and never a problem. Debbie always checks in with us just as we're ready to order.

Robert Steele

Have used this company for many years. Always excellent service

Pat McBride

My furnace wouldn't run when the temperature was turned up. Called Sheller Oil, they sent a repair person out to look at the issue. A pipe above the furnace had a pinhole and was spraying water all over the furnace. I was informed of the parts needed to make repairs and the cost. While making initial repairs, it was discovered water had been drawn into the chamber and it would need to be replaced. Dale kept me informed of everything he was doing, the cost of parts and requested permission before proceeding with the repairs. I can't say enough about the courtesy and professional manner extended to me by Dale or the entire Sheeler personnel I spoke with. Thank you

Ed Isselmann

Great professional service. Very courteous and friendly!

Rob Rosborough

Deliver when they say they will. Always courteous and helpful on the phone. Happy to do business with them.

Ray McKeeman

Sheller Propane supplied the tanks, propane and install for a new home generator. They did a excellent/quality install. The other contractors also commented on the install.They were knowledgeable and willing to help/work with us.I am very pleased with their service and work!

Karen Boyd

Don't settle for second-best --- SHELLER is TOPS in our area! I also speak for the dozens and dozens of my real estate clients who have used SHELLER. They are unrivaled in professionalism, experience, attention to detail, and all-around service. We are so lucky to have such an amazing family-owned business like SHELLER in our area.From the team in the office to the technicians, SHELLER is #1!

Danielle Beane

Extremely friendly and helpful employees, especially Steve. Definitely recommend.

Kevin Lambert

We had a new propane tank installed underground at our home recently. All around great team and outstanding service. These guys work with you all the way from start to finish to make sure you are set up in the best way possible. Communication was superb every step of the way.

Frank Nestore

I have had nothing but great experiences working with Sheller - they are responsive and deliver quality work - whether related to my heater, hot water heater or AC. Highly recommended.

Mitzi Motley (Spruce Ridge Farm)

We have been longtime customers and could not be more thankful for their wonderful service. Their service department has always come through for us, often in a time of need.

Jenna Meade

We have used Sheller since 2015. We installed Propane tanks at that time and they have been responsible for propane delivery for the past 6 years. Their online system for paying/ordering fuel is easy and convenient. They always arrive within a day or so of a fuel request. More importantly, they always respond immediately so you know they have received the order. We will continue to be loyal customers because of their wonderful customer service. Steve is the best! I can't compliment them enough.

raymundo contreras

this company is great. I recommend to anyone need they service. people so nice

Derek Patrizio

Steve and the Sheller team helped my family out in a true emergency. They were extremely professional and have exceptional customer service. I highly recommend them to everyone for propane or oil housings needs.

Klaus Esser

Installed an in-ground propane tank, did hook-up to new heating system and ran line to a new generator.For each job the crews did a superb job, a perfect reminder of why Sheller is the right company for me and for anyone who understands the value of great service! Because Steve and his team provided exceptional service at every step, I enthusiastically recommend Sheller to anyone who needs propane or any of the services they provide.

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